Besides, we have the following projects launching soon:

Ask / answer technical questions and receive Bitcoin tips and bounties. Current leading site in this niche receives 35 MM unique users / DAY, all users answering questions for free. We will be testing innovative models to validate / unlock Bitcoin Tipping Economy, will launch in Dec 2014. <% If False Then%>

"Project X"

Related to other projects. Targets even larger niche with billions page views / month, 70% complete MVP, will launch in early 2015. <% End If %>

QRID.COM (alternative domain name is BTC.CO)

Mobile app that provides touch-less password-less secure login into websites by scanning QR code on your monitor. App has a Bitcoin Wallet built-in and serves as a foundation for our Bitcoin Tipping Platform. Please ask for a demo!


  • Founder - Alex Konovalov, Toronto, Canada. Math / science competitions winner, 18 years of software development (web, about 10 mobile apps), 2 years in Bitcoin, 10 years managing software development / consulting operations and remote outsourced dev team, SEO / Internet Marketing / Affiliate Marketing
  • Dev Team - proven remote team of 5 developers (web / mobile / bitcoin)

Get in Touch!

  • We are currently looking to raise a SEED ROUND
  • Think of all the industries that could be re-invented with QRID and engaged Bitcoin Tipping userbase
  • We are that statistical "outlier" you cannot affort to miss, b/c if we are to succeed, our products would be used by hundreds of millions
  • The company profile at AnglelList is in the works, however you are welcome to contact us directly for more information!

Contact Information

Alex Konovalov
Toronto, Canada
Cell +1(416)543-8785