About BitNews

If you are anything like us, you often check multiple Bitcoin websites for the latest news. Many smaller sites often have no new articles posted. If you do not use an RSS reader, you would check it over and over again, or just stick with the few large sites. Smaller sites may be run by industry experts, may post some great content, but since they do not post every day, it is easy to overlook them.

At BitNews, we:

  • compile all headlines from 60 bitcoin news sites into one live page in a mobile-friendly format
  • discover and include new sites with quality content as we find them

Please visit us daily! There is always something new to read here!

Webmaster's FAQ

Are you running one of the websites that we aggregate headlines from? If so, we would like to explain how our technology works from webmaster's point of view

  • we do not compete with your site. We only show title and short summary for each article. We direct all readers back to your site once they have found an article of their interest.
  • we only visit pages that have list of articles. Per one request to your site we would gather all the info about multiple articles. If we detect new articles, we visit each new article exactly once. This way, we consume little bandwidth from your site. Think of us as a "returning user who reads every new article exactly once".
  • How often do we check for new articles on your site? By default, we re-visit your "home page" every 3 hours.
  • We provide do-follow backlinks to your website for both humans and search engines.
  • We ultimately refer visitors back to your site, and bring some new users too.
  • If you have any concerns regarding our crawlers, please let us know!